Wednesday, May 19, 2010

  • The Kenya Police Service plays an important role in Law and Order.

  • However, The Kenya Police is a threat to Kenyan citizens. Every small issue, they threaten to take you to court. The purpose of this is to try get money out of you.
  • Bribery. Corruption. Theft. Rapes. Hijackings. These are the most common things that the Kenya Police do. And the worst part is that the government is very aware about it
  • It is said that the solution to this is the new constitution draft. This draft promises that Police can only be allowed to stop someone for a legitimate reason.

  • ''The National Police shall comply with constitutional standards of human rights and fundamental freedoms'' - Page 36; 244.

Link to Draft Constitution -

Blog on Kenyan Police Commissioner

PRESS STATEMENT October 13, 2007

A story (p.1 and 4) carried in the Saturday Standard of October13th 2007 entitled Don’t use National Anthem Ali warns parties refers.

We are shocked to read that Major-General Ali the Police Commissioner has banned the National Anthem of theRepublic of Kenya, which he purports is being used for sedition. Worse still Major-General Ali has apparently issued his police force with orders to cancel, break up or stop meetings at which the National Anthem is sung.

Our National Anthem was adopted on Independence Day (December 12th 1963) after Kenya was liberated from eight decades of a brutal colonization by the British Empire. The struggle for independence was a long and bloody one, and the National Anthem was designed to remind all Kenyans of the struggle to free the Kenyan people. For 43 years the National Anthem has been sung unimpeded by ordinary Kenyans and every school going child on an almost daily basis.

The National Anthem, if Major-General Ali cares to read it, is a prayer to the God of all creation to bless this land and Nation. It is our submission that it is therefore unconstitutional and criminal for Major-General Ali to abuse his position as Police Commissioner by issuing illegal orders to his Police Force. It is illegal for him to interfere with Kenyans’ rights to freedom of expression and conscience guaranteed by the Constitution of Kenya.

There is no law that restricts our collective right to sing our National Anthem. Indeed President Kibaki’s campaign meetings in 2002 opened and closed with Kenyans joining candidate Kibaki in singing the National Anthem which Major-General Ali now seeks to ban. What has changed since then?

Major-General Ali seemingly bent on turning us into a Police State has also imposed an illegal 72 hour rule on public meetings suggesting that Kenyans need to give him notice before they can meet and speak with one voice.Anybody who thinks that they are above the Constitution of Kenya and attempt to gag 35 million Kenyans must be resisted. Our collective resistance will teach such people the lesson of tyrants before them who were swept away by the people’s desire for true freedom and liberty of the individual. A defiance campaign is in order against General Ali’s latest illegal orders.

Fellow Kenyans, sing your National Anthem with pride and without fear. Who can ban it? How can singing it be against the law?

Mwalimu Mati

Mars Group Kenya


  1. Aljazeera News Cast - This video is just an example to show you how chaotic the scene is and how the Kenya Police isn't helping very much. As a matter of fact, they are actually making things worse by killing people. You will see the Kenya Police in act, and being caught on camera. And the camera never lies.
  2. KTN News - This News cast is of a police man shooting a protester who was making faces at him. He died. For what? Just for making faces.
  3. NTV Broadcast - This footage is of Kenyan Road Police being caught in the act of bribing ''speeding'' people. Watch, and see for your self how corrupted they are!